Monday, February 16, 2009

Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint

I wanted to install VS 2008 extensions for SharePoint in my Vista box.I downloaded the package from here and started installing and got the following message

"This product can be installed if Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 has been installed first."

As usual searched in Google and found this blog entry on how to resolve the issue.

It was indeed save lots of time for me. Thanks goes to who ever contributed to this thread.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sanomee mark her first birth day @ an orphanage

To mark the first birth day of our daughter , we decided to pay a visit to an orphanage and provide an alms giving to them.

It was indeed a fantastic feeling when you see those children enjoyed the occasion.And you felt that you have done something very very important to bring a smile to their faces.

It was a small place, well organized and taking care of 27 children.All of them are bellow the age of 15 years and all are girls.

As we finished preparing the dining room, the bell was rang by a child and then came all the children and was in a queue in front of the door.

Then one by one entered in to the room and took their respective seats.After having the meal they return to the main area.

There were lots of things in my mind when I noticed their behavior.

Most of them were very shy and reluctant to make eye contact with us.That showed the state of the mind they were in.Must have felt alone and neglected by their parents for what ever reason for that matter.I was felt really sorry for them.In a way they are lucky, they have been raised in this orphanage.Unless otherwise they are no more in this world in my opinion.I had no clue what might have gone in their mind.It must be very complicated to them.

Finally one of the children delivered a speech.She did thank us for what we did for them and made well wishes to my daughter to be a strong one in this society.

It was a very touchy one for me to listen.I was wondering how she made her composure while delivering that speech. She must have had so many things in her mind.It may have been a common thing to her, to deliver such speech to the people who comes to visit them in such occasions.I can still feel what I felt at bottom of my heart at that time.

Thought of sharing this with you all and if we can help such people in any means that really help them to live another day with a great smile in their faces.