Saturday, March 06, 2010

Formula 1 – 2010 Season

Who would have thought once Michael Schumacher retired after 2006 season will be back in action in F1.He tried to return back last year in place of injured Felipe Massa at Ferrari but couldn’t make it due to his neck problem.But this time around it has indeed happened and I can’t wait to see him on the track in season opener at Gulf Air Bahrain on next week end representing the team Mercedes GP which was the title winner last year  under the name of Brawn GP.
It will be fascinating to see the races with the new rule changes for this year.One of the biggest change is that there won’t be refueling during pit stops during the race which means the cars will have a much larger fuel tank which resulted to have a different weight distribution to the that of last year’s car.The other major change is the point system where first 10 finishers will get points as the number of teams are 13 this year hence 26 drivers.
Return of Michael Schumacher will really make this season interesting and will get to know whether he is still the master class in F1.