Sunday, May 31, 2009

French Open 4th Round match - Rafael Nadal Vs Robin Soderling

What a match it turning out to be.I am watching World no. 1 taking on Swede(23 seeded) on Star Sports.I am sure no one has bet against Nadal for this match.To date he has won 32 straight matches in Roland Garros in doing so won four French open titles consecutively(2005-2008).

At the time of writing this entry Nadal was 2 sets to 1 down (6-2,6-7,6-4)against the Swede and 2 all in 4th set and Nadal to serve.This could well be go down to the fifth set if Nadal do manage to win this set and if that happens it will be the first time Nadal has played a five setter in Roland Garros.That shows you how tougher customer the world no. 1.

It will take some doing against the Swede who is so powerful in serve as well as ground stokes.His display of ground strokes is amazing to watch and normally I have seen such serenity only from Nadal himself.Nadal has done that to so many opponents here in Roland Garros.But today its his turn to face the music from Swede.

But still Nadal is hanging out there with Swede.Now 4 all in 4th set and Nadal to serve.Absolutely fantastic game to watch.

Now the 4th set is in the tiebreaker and things not looking good for Nadal, 2-0 down with Swede serivng.2-1 Nadal to serve.Breath taking stuff out there.

Now the score is 6-1 in the tiebreaker and the 4 times defending champion is about to bow out from the 2009 French Open.Oh my god , Swede has done it.He has defeated the king of clay Rafeal Nadal who has never been beaten here in Roland Garros.What a major upset in French open 2009.Well played Swede.

Match statistics

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Localization of web parts in SharePoint

My colleague Sanjaya has posted a fantastic article on localizing SharePoint web sites and web parts.

One of the major problem when comes to localizing web parts is that you have to have all translations relates to the locale you are using, if you are to build the embedded resources.

So I would prefer let the customer do the translations rather than we do it.In that case if you can send the set of resources files ( *.resx ) to the customer he can easily open those files and he can do the translation as he needs.

What my colleague mentioned in his article is totally alright but it is not entirely to my likings when comes to localizing web parts because of the above mentioned reason.

So I just used the resources files (*.resx) but not deployed them as embedded resources.

How to do it ?

  • Add the relevant resource files in to your web part.
  • Use the following fragment of code to access the resource strings from the resource files as required in your controls.
  • HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject("<resource file name>", "<resource key>").toString()
  • Make sure to have the resource files in the “App_GlobalResources” directory of the corresponding web application project.

More can be read from the following references :

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Flag One Sri Lanka - The dream of united land becomes a reality

After 30 years of sufferings the Sri Lanka has become a terror free nation of the world.There are lots of celebrations going on SL these days.Yes it is indeed something to cheer about at this moment.We all know how we, as Sri Lankans ( Not only Sinhalese but also Tamils , Muslims as well ) suffer due to this terrorist activities.

IMHO now SL will face the real WAR of uplifting the standard of living of the civilians who caught up in this war.There are thousands of internally displaced people out there and the utmost thing to be done is to relocate them and let them live peacefully.

If we are to keep the ever lasting peace in SL it is paramount to address the issues they are having. And without doing that I don’t think we will ever live peacefully in our country.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SharePoint and Women

I read a very interesting blog entry published by Bjørn Furuknap and I should definitely share this with you.Read it here.