Sunday, November 04, 2012

How to re associate list workflows with lists after a migration in SharePoint 2010

Recently I had been exercised on migrating a sub site into a root web in a different site collection.One of the major issue, out of many, was none of the list work flows were working.

After further investigations, figured out that the issue was due to old list Id’s that were associated with the workflows from the source site which I exported.

Follow the steps below to re associate new list Id’s with the workflow using MS SharePoint Designer.

Step 1: Open the site in SPD

Step 2: Locate the workflow you want to re associate with new list Id's (See image below)


Step3: Change the 4 list Id’s numbered in below image with the new Id’s


  • DocLibID
    • The list Id for the workflow definitions lists (This is a hidden list and you can use SharePoint manager to get the list id)-Refer the image below


  • ListID
    • The list Id that needs to associate with the workflow
  • TaskListID
    • "Workflow Tasks" list Id
  • HistoryListId
    • "Workflow History" list Id