Saturday, June 20, 2009

SharePoint tools for developers

There are very important tools that you can use while you are working with SharePoint development work.

I thought of putting down very important tools that you can use when comes to developing SharePoint projects.Those tools are really handy on reducing your development time as well as troubleshooting time.

WSP Builder – This is a VS extension which is fully cable of deploying sharepoint solutions.This is a dream tool you can think of the problem you are facing when comes to deploying SharePoint solutions.

Hats off to Carsten Keutmann

SharePoint Manger – This is a very useful tool to explore the every item in your SharePoint installation.

BareTail – This is also very important tool that can be used to view the SharePoint log files which lies in the 12 Hive.And you can use this tool to monitor any log file for that matter

Interesting article on Murali

Image Copy right : © Ashish Padlekar

Very interesting article on Murali.

Read it here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Document Template Management in SharePoint

Very good article on SharePoint document template management.

Read it here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terminator Salvation

I watched the move today @ Colosseum in Oslo.It was a great experience in that cinema.It is one of the few cinemas which has got THX CERTIFIED.Unbelievable sounds and high quality images.Truly a great cinema experience.It felt like you are a part of the film because of these surround sounds and high quality pictures.

More details on THX can be found at here.

You can view THX trailers here.First one is the one Colosseum showed before starting the movie today.

As a fan of Terminator film series I loved this one and it is indeed a action packed movie.Every time after watching a Terminator film, I am thinking in mind that there will be another one.Time will tell you.It becomes a reality in 3 times so far.