Monday, July 12, 2010

Sharepoint foundation 2010 on windows 7 x64

Today,I installed Sharepoint Foundation 2010 on my laptop successfully according to this article.Downloaded the Sharepoint Foundation 2010 from here and started following the installation steps mentioned in this article.

The second step under “To set up a developer workstation” failed successfully because of this command “c:\SharePointFiles\SharePoint /extract:c:\SharePointFiles”
Here it referred to a file called “SharePoint” but the name of the downloaded application was “SharePointFoundation.exe”. So in order to pass this step I had to change the name from “SharePoint” to “SharePointFoundation” in the above command.

After that I continued with the installation steps and managed to launch the setup.exe after completing the installation of prerequisites mentioned.
In the 3rd step under the  “Step 3: Install SharePoint 2010” I select the “Server Farm” option and in the next step I selected the standalone option.I had no clue what so ever why I selected that option, but it happened for some reason and it worked.

Then I had to wait for a quite a longer time to complete the installation and prompted to run the sharepoint configuration wizard.
And finally after the configuration wizard completed, it prompted the newly created sharepoint team site.(See image at top)

Now sharepoint foundation 2010 at my finger tips so that I can start playing with it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My classical box guitar

Yesterday, I finished repairing my guitar which was given to me by one of my colleague, Anura.Thank you very much for giving me that and hope you won’t ask it again from me when you see the new look one.

Images before refurbishing :
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I have already started lessons.Hardest part as a beginner is the tuning.Need to learn the trade sooner than later.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Web services extensions option in IIS7